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Unlock New Possibilities for Your Tax Preparation Business

At M.A. Rubin CPA, PLLC we understand the unique challenges tax preparers face. You are committed to offering comprehensive services but may not be able to represent clients before the IRS or state tax agencies. Our partnership can elevate your capabilities in this area.

A Partnership That Respects Your Client Relationships

Our partnership model is tailored explicitly for tax preparers who wish to expand their services without risking client relationships. We stand by our promise: Your clients will always remain yours. Our role is to help you with your services, providing additional support without overstepping.

How It Works: Seamless Collaboration for Maximum Impact

Representation Services: M.A. Rubin CPA, PLLC offers expert representation for your clients before the IRS and state tax authorities, navigating the complexities on their behalf.

Your Role: Continue to excel in tax preparation and advisement. All tax work required will be managed by you, ensuring continuity and trust with your clients.

Fee Split Model: Our partnership is rooted in fairness and mutual benefit. We operate on a fee-split model based on collected funds, creating new revenue opportunities for your business.

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Why Partner with M.A. Rubin CPA, PLLC?

Leverage Expertise: Gain direct access to our vast experience in tax representation, enhancing your service offerings.

Client Assurance: Our firm is committed to non-interference with client relationships. You retain full control, and there is no risk of client takeover.

Financial Growth: Our fee split arrangement means additional revenue for your business, compensating you for broadening your service scope.

Integrated Experience: We prioritize a smooth partnership experience, ensuring that collaboration with us is effortless and beneficial for you and your clients.

Transform Your Tax Preparation Services Today

M.A. Rubin CPA, PLLC – Stop IRS Tax Problems™ invites you to redefine the boundaries of tax preparation services. Our partnership represents a commitment to providing unparalleled value to your clients, ensuring they receive the comprehensive support they deserve.

Please contact us now to explore the benefits of our partnership. Together, we can create a future where your business grows and thrives by offering more while keeping your client relationships at the forefront.

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