Navigate IRS Challenges with Confidence

Navigate Through IRS Challenges with Confidence

In the daunting world of IRS challenges, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and uncertain about the future. That’s where M.A. Rubin CPA, PLLC comes in. With over a decade of specialized experience in IRS problem-solving, our dedicated team offers personalized, effective strategies designed to bring you clarity, relief, and most importantly, results.

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Tax Debt Relief

M.A. Rubin CPA, PLLC specializes in all of the IRS tax debt relief programs including the Offer in Compromise, Installment Agreement, Innocent Spouse, Penalty Abatement and more! We will work with you to find the right solution to end your issue once and for all.

IRS Penalty Abatement

Facing penalties from the IRS can be daunting, but you don’t have to navigate these challenges alone. M.A. Rubin CPA, PLLC is here to guide you through the process of penalty abatement. We understand the criteria for penalty relief, including reasonable cause and correction of IRS errors.

Cannabis 280E Tax Problems

As one of the first CPA firms to specialize in this field, we have dedicated ourselves to mastering the intricacies of cannabis tax and Section 280E, shifting our focus from tax preparation to the resolution of tax-related issues.

Liens, Levies, and Garnishments

If the IRS has started collection action on you it’s time to get representation! They have a tremendous arsenal of tools to get you to comply including the federal tax lien, the bank levy, and the wage garnishment. The good news is once you hire M.A. Rubin CPA, PLLC the IRS will have to go through us.

Payroll Tax Issues

Running a business is hard enough as it is (before the IRS gets involved). M.A. Rubin CPA, PLLC can help businesses of all sizes who find themselves struggling with tax problems. We will work with you to assess the problem and create an action plan to resolve the tax issue.

Audit Representation

In the coming years we are expecting to see a huge increase in IRS audits. We’re not afraid to go head to head with the IRS during audits! Don’t get taken advantage of in an audit, get proper representation and make sure that your rights are protected!

Is Tax Relief Really Possible?

Chances are you’re like most of our clients – you’re a good person that simply made a mistake. The good news is you’ve now made the decision to resolve your issue and get back on track.

The problem: Dealing with the IRS can be like entering a maze that may or may not have an exit. Even most tax professionals opt to stay away from IRS representation due to it’s complexity!

The most important thing to do, whether you haven’t heard from the IRS yet, or they’ve already levied your bank account, is to find a professional that can advocate for you.

There are several IRS programs that may be available to help you get back on track. M.A. Rubin CPA, PLLC has an in depth knowledge of these programs and can you them to help you get back in the good graces of the IRS.

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Most people have no idea these programs exist…and they could change your life.

Dealing with the IRS is, at best, challenging, stressful, and frustrating. At worst, it can destroy your life by causing your credit score to drop, your bank accounts drained, liens placed against your possessions, and your income confiscated by a wage or income levy.

M.A. Rubin CPA, PLLC specializes in tax debt relief which means we’re experts in resolving issues relating to unfiled tax returns, unpaid taxes, liens, levies, foreign bank account reporting, audit representation, and any other type of tax controversy.

There are several programs available, that you may qualify for, that could end your problem once and for all. You could certainly try to navigate these programs on your own, but let us offer you a word of caution. Not having a full understanding of a program could cause you to pay thousands of dollars to the IRS you may not have needed to.

You don’t hire us to fill out forms… you could do that on your own. You hire us because we know the critical intricacies in each program and how to position you (using the IRS’s own rules) to qualify for a program that will end your IRS nightmare.

1. Offer in Compromise

The OIC is the IRS’s “Let’s Make A Deal” program that allows you to pay an amount you can afford to satisfy your entire tax liability.

2. Installment Agreement

We can secure an installment agreement with the IRS to allow monthly payments on your tax liability (that you can afford).

3. Penalty Abatement

There are two types of Penalty Abatement – First time abatement (FTA) and abatement for reasonable cause.

4. Innocent Spouse

Innocent Spouse Relief exists to alleviate unjust situations where one spouse is clearly not responsible for the tax liability.

5. Partial Pay Installment Agreement

A PPIA is a payment plan that allows a taxpayer to pay off their outstanding tax debt over time, while paying less than the full amount owed

6. Bankruptcy

Taxes are often dischargeable in bankruptcy. Back taxes, interest, and penalties may be wiped out by filing.

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